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Enterprise Systems Center

The Enterprise Systems Center is an organization committed to enriching students’ education while working to make its clients in industry more efficient and increasingly competitive. The ESC employs students, professors, and professional engineers to work in teams capable of tackling a variety of real world industry situations. Participation in these work teams provides students with a level of work experience representative of what they will encounter following graduation.

In addition to working in support of the long-term University, College, and Departmental goals, ESC strategic objectives include the use of technology to broaden the Center’s regional and national operating footprint, as well as continuing to refine and enhance its organizational structure and core processes. Engaging and involving students who have graduated along with past project partners is also an important part of long-range strategic planning.

Over the past 20 years mutually beneficial alumni interactions have included project mentoring, support of new hardware acquisitions, providing executive level advice on Center initiatives, and guest lectures in a variety of courses, especially the leadership development and senior capstone project course offerings. To the extent that it is requested, experience gained in the operation of these programs is shared with the University community.  The ESC has completed over 1,100 real-world projects with over 450 companies and institutions involving more than 3,300 students. These alumni and industry project partners have the opportunity to interact with and support ongoing Center operations through the formation of an affinity group.